If we unite, nobody falls

I have been really struggling with what to write this week. We are in the mists of the Coronavirus outbreak and the behaviour of humankind has troubled me somewhat.

Individualism has been a real eye opener for me, rather than buying less so there is more to go around the exact opposite has happened.

With my team coaching hat on a spark of inspiration hit me when I saw the above picture. We are so much stronger and happier when we unite as a team. The feelings generated when we are united and part of a team, looking out for one another is ten times more powerful than the angry and aggressiveness of individuals out for themselves.

Trust is an essential ingredient to any united team and we gain trust through generosity, vulnerability and kindness.

We each have a part to play in coming together in these difficult times – What small step could you take to unite with those around you? What could you do to reach out and unite with your neighbours and local community? How can you support colleagues?

Take care of yourself and one another.