The journey has started…

The 1 September 2020 marked an important day for DBKT Coaching. We officially launched and what a way to launch, with an amazing team coaching session with a fantastic team and organisation.

Before I tell you all about it, in true DBKT spirit, I want to be completely honest with how this is all working at the moment. So, I am continuing to work in my HR role which I love. I am very excited about looking at our future ways of working and continuing our important conversations and work on Equality and Diversity.

I am also, with the full blessing and permission of my amazing and progressive workplace, founding and growing DBKT Coaching where my focus is on leadership and team coaching to develop great leaders and teams to be ready and able to meet the challenges of the future of work!

I am already learning so much and I am really excited about the future. I am passionate about coaching and with 15 years experience I have seen the value it adds to organisations to elevate leaders and teams to thrive and deliver their purpose, especially in these times of fast paced change!

Coaching is needed now more so than ever. The fourth industrial revolution of the knowledge economy was already driving changes to the way organisations, teams and individuals organise and behave to survive and thrive. With more organisations changing their models of working to recover from COVID and the economic situation we now face, our ability to learn and change to meet the scale and rate of change is essential to survival.

At DBKT Coaching we work with leaders and teams to adapt and thrive in the changing world of work, so organisations can achieve their purpose and by doing so deliver great results.

Kathryn Jeacock, DBKT Coaching

The 1 September was a great example of our work…

C4S Search has had a tough 6 months and like most recruitment agencies was initially impacted by lock down, when nearly all organisations stop recruiting overnight! What I love about C4S Search is their sheer grit, determination and unwavering positivity. Whilst it has been tough for them, they have continued to be motivated and enthusiastic about delivering their purpose.

Our journey together started with Executive Coaching with the Co-Founder and Managing Director, Ryan O’Hara. Over 6 very productive, energetic and insightful sessions we covered a lot of ground, really exploring and working through key strategic business challenges. From this work, Ryan determined the next step was to get the leadership team involved and he wanted DBKT Coaching right there with him supporting this next important step – yay!

So on Tuesday, we ran a team coaching session with the leadership team. I really enjoyed meeting and working with this energetic, passionate and forward thinking team. We worked using action learning to step through a complex, real and urgent strategic business challenge. Whilst doing this work we also developed key leadership skills that will be essential for C4S Search in leading and engaging their people now and in the future. The session also further strengthened the relationships and psychological safety within the team, which is fundamental for any high performing leadership team, especially in these challenging times.

The day achieved the objectives we set out to deliver. Each of the team had clear actions to take forward as a result of the session and there was a sense of team ownership about delivering and implementing the actions agreed.

What they said about it…

Extremely productive day working on some very exciting leadership and growth strategies

Ryan O’Hara, Co-founder and Managing Director, C4S search

A truly refreshing and (most importantly) productive session

James McAbendroth, Head of Strategic Partnerships, C4S search

Really insightful and inspiring day with lots of ideas generated to ensure we continue to build for the future

Amy Bright, L&D and Talent Manager, C4S search

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