Getting back to basics: What’s the offer?

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a conversation with a purpose. It’s a conversation that is led by you and covers what is useful for you to talk through. A coach will ask open questions to develop your thinking, listen and allow space for silence so you can process your thoughts/feelings, they will help you look at things from different perspectives. They will also share insights to support your thinking and learning. At DBKT coaching we will also work with you to develop goals and actions.

What can you talk about?

You can bring challenges you are facing or experiencing. You might be feeling stuck or confused, your thoughts might be jumbled and unclear. You might have big dreams and what a space to help you plan how to reach them!

Some typical things that come up are:

  • Realising career ambitions
  • Accelerating performance
  • Stepping up into a leadership role
  • Organisational change
  • Challenges of scaling up or scaling down an organisation
  • Culture change
  • Getting the best from your teams/people
  • Individual change / transition
  • Career planning / transition / change / confusion!
  • Challenges / problems you are experiencing
  • Feelings of being stuck, confused, frustrated, angry
  • Feelings of stress and overwhelm
  • Complex, urgent problems
  • Team issues

How does it work?

We would have an initial chat about what you would like coaching for and how we might work together – checking that it feels a good match.

Following on from our first chat, if we are both happy to move forward, we would organise 6 sessions, with the first session being more of a getting to know each other session. We can agree how the 6 sessions are planned and over what time period.

At DBKT our coaching practice is grounded in Adult Learning theory, so you would be required to do reflective practice between sessions – don’t worry it’s fun!

Benefits of coaching?

  • Independent person to speak to
  • It’s a safe space to be open and honest about what’s going on for you
  • It’s for you – how often do we take time out for ourselves?
  • Tailored to your individual development and learning journey
  • Helps un-jumble and un-tangle your thoughts and thinking to provide clarity and a way forward

Why work with DBKT?

Do be Kind and True are our core values – in coaching it’s a courageous conversation where we will be talking through some hard stuff, which we need to do with kindness and truth, to learn, change and grow.

We coach with Curiosity, Challenge and Creativity.

We have leadership experience from a range of industry sectors.

We have HR experience and knowledge of people and these insights can help you in your journey.

We know that we might not be the right match for everyone, that’s okay – we have a great network and will help you find someone who is right for you, as that’s the main thing!

If you would like to talk more, get in touch at 07443438204/

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