I haven’t posted in a while as I haven’t known what to say that would be useful for people, in a world where we have a deadly virus and the senseless killing of George Floyd. Trying to make sense of the world, and the people within it, has been difficult. Furthermore, fear of the sayingContinue reading “Allyship”

You can choose how you think about this situation

After the first lecture of my MA in Coaching and Mentoring in September, I seriously questioned my judgement. I was genuinely concerned about my ability to make sound decisions, why had I decided to add to my already overloaded life? I have done an MA before and it was hell on earth to get through,Continue reading “You can choose how you think about this situation”

We expect women to work like they don’t have children, and raise children like they don’t work

The above quote, pretty much sums up mine and many others experience of being a working parent. Whilst we talk a lot about attitudes towards working parents having changed, the sad reality is that typically it doesn’t feel that way for many women. Trying to do a great job at two important roles in lifeContinue reading “We expect women to work like they don’t have children, and raise children like they don’t work”

Dealing with Change

‘It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change’  Darwin Many of us find change really uncomfortable, even change for the good can be incredibly daunting. Change and how to deal with it, comes up a lot in my studies (MA in CoachingContinue reading “Dealing with Change”

There is no failure, only feedback!

I love feedback – don’t get me wrong it can hurt like hell, strike you right in the gut and it can play on your mind for days… but I love it all the same, because it’s an opportunity to learn. When I hear those words ‘Kathryn, are you open to some feedback?’, which IContinue reading “There is no failure, only feedback!”

Action Learning

Tell me more about this Action Learning you speak of…. So unfortunately action learning has a massive stigma in the UK. When you talk about action learning the majority of people roll their eyes and sigh (I used to do it too!). This is because we call sooo many things action learning, but they aren’tContinue reading “Action Learning”