The Future of Work

My daughter tells me when she is older she is not doing what I do. She doesn’t know what she is going to do, but she knows she is not working Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm, under the control of a boss – she finds the whole concept bizarre. She also finds HR completely weird, why do you need policies and processes? When you are old do you not know this stuff, can you not make decisions yourself? I catch myself telling her she is going to have a rude awakening, that she needs to knuckle down because bills don’t get paid by spending your life on social media (at this point she is quick to reel off names of social media influencers who do just that…) Then it hits me, is my daughter looking to do a job that doesn’t exist yet? If so, how is she going to prepare for that? Is the world of work prepared for her?

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I haven’t posted in a while as I haven’t known what to say that would be useful for people, in a world where we have a deadly virus and the senseless killing of George Floyd. Trying to make sense of the world, and the people within it, has been difficult. Furthermore, fear of the saying the wrong thing, has caused me to say nothing, which is the worst thing I could have done.

The world – like the people living within it – is imperfect, but it is still full of opportunities for growth and achievement

Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles
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You can choose how you think about this situation

After the first lecture of my MA in Coaching and Mentoring in September, I seriously questioned my judgement. I was genuinely concerned about my ability to make sound decisions, why had I decided to add to my already overloaded life? I have done an MA before and it was hell on earth to get through, why was I doing this to myself again?

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If we unite, nobody falls

I have been really struggling with what to write this week. We are in the mists of the Coronavirus outbreak and the behaviour of humankind has troubled me somewhat.

Individualism has been a real eye opener for me, rather than buying less so there is more to go around the exact opposite has happened.

With my team coaching hat on a spark of inspiration hit me when I saw the above picture. We are so much stronger and happier when we unite as a team. The feelings generated when we are united and part of a team, looking out for one another is ten times more powerful than the angry and aggressiveness of individuals out for themselves.

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We expect women to work like they don’t have children, and raise children like they don’t work

The above quote, pretty much sums up mine and many others experience of being a working parent. Whilst we talk a lot about attitudes towards working parents having changed, the sad reality is that typically it doesn’t feel that way for many women. Trying to do a great job at two important roles in life – your job and being a parent – can be very stressful and the level of guilt that this evokes can often lead to feelings of anxiety and depression.  

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Dealing with Change

‘It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change’ 


Many of us find change really uncomfortable, even change for the good can be incredibly daunting. Change and how to deal with it, comes up a lot in my studies (MA in Coaching and Mentoring). I have learnt some really interesting approaches to change that I think you might like…

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There is no failure, only feedback!

Feedback is the gift that keeps on giving!

I love feedback – don’t get me wrong it can hurt like hell, strike you right in the gut and it can play on your mind for days… but I love it all the same, because it’s an opportunity to learn. When I hear those words ‘Kathryn, are you open to some feedback?’, which I always am, I know I immediately hold my breath and brace myself for what is coming next. All my non-verbal cues are probably communicating anything but ‘yes please, I love feedback’.

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Action Learning

Tell me more about this Action Learning you speak of….

So unfortunately action learning has a massive stigma in the UK. When you talk about action learning the majority of people roll their eyes and sigh (I used to do it too!). This is because we call sooo many things action learning, but they aren’t really action learning. At best they are nice group activities, at worst they have zero impact and turn people off action learning forever, grumbling about the wasted time they will never get back.

This is a massive tragedy!

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