Team Coaching, Oxford Student Union


Oxford SU is the representative body for all University of Oxford students and their direction and ideas are led by their student members. They’re called a Students’ Union because that’s what they are; a union of students. It’s the issues that matter to students that drive the SU, assuring their views count, their voice is strong, and together they’ll use them to make student life even better.

The Challenge

Overnight teams had to change their ways of working as COVID necessitated remote working. After a year of uncertainty and remote working, teams were starting to feel disconnected, with individuals feeling isolated and struggling to navigate the changes the pandemic had accelerated.

The Solution

DBKT ran a team coaching programme which focussed on the purpose of the team, their roles and responsibilities and ways of working. In addition, action learning was delivered within the programme for the team to collaboratively solve a real, urgent and complex problem. The outcome was greater agency of the team, stronger connection and relationships, and skills of questioning, listening and self-awareness were developed which equipped the team to deal with challenges back in the day job.


“I highly recommend Kathryn and would love to work together again on future projects. She is amazing at her job! she knows her way around people, she is good with the clients, does whatever it takes to help colleagues and gets things done. she makes sure that everyone is on the same page and focused on the main goal”

Arthur Kaddu
Oxford SU
Student Engagement Co-ordinator

“Having recently taken part in a series of team coaching sessions with Kathryn I would fully recommend her as a coach. The sessions were useful and engaging and Kathryn’s facilitation was great. Thanks to Kathryn we were able to work through some of the problems we were facing as a team whilst developing specific leaderships skills.”

George Walker
Oxford SU

Insight Co-ordinator