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Hey, I’m Kathryn

My Journey

I left school not knowing what I wanted to do. I was advised ‘girls do admin’ so that’s what I went to do. After completing my apprenticeship in Business Administration, I started working at the Oxfordshire Registration Service for Births, Deaths and Marriages. I loved it there and I had a very special People Manager who nurtured my people skills and started me on my HR career. 

Over 15 years later, I’ve worked in a range of industry sectors, from big corporates such as Premier Foods and Smiths News, to innovative Science and Technology Scale Ups.  I’ve progress through the HR ranks to Chief People Officer. I have Board and Executive Management experience. I’m currently on the ExCo and Board for the World Institute for Action Learning, where I’m developing my international capability.

My Passion

I’m a progressive and innovative HR professional. My HR flare is human centred, growth and development focussed. I’m obsessed with the changing world of work. I’m on a fearless mission to support more businesses to evolve their ways of working to meet 21st Century needs. COVID has accelerated many changes and I’m on a quest to help leaders and teams evolve to create more human and purposeful working environments. 

My Achievements

Whilst not being every academic at school I’m making up for it now, with two Masters – Coaching and Mentoring (2021) and Human Resource Management (2012). I’m an Award-Winning Certified Action Learning Coach and Team Psychological Safety Facilitator.