The types of service delivered can be broken down into distinct modules. 

We provide the tools, help you identify where to use them, give your team the opportunity to put them into practice and create an environment where this is widely adopted across the business. 

Individual Coaching

Creating a safe and empowering space to navigate the challenges and changes of work, to unlock potential, develop greater leadership capacity and build self-awareness to develop effective strategies to move forward.

Team Coaching

Supporting teams to better communicate and collaborate, unlocking the power of collaboration and team performance!

HR Consultancy

We provide progressive, forward thinking and person-centred HR advice and support to future proof your organisation for the 21st Century and the changing world of work!

We will support you to ensure organisational alignment with the investment in your people practices. 


Our solution helps individuals and teams deal with change and conflict by:

  • Developing leadership skills – greater self-awareness, systems and strategic thinking 
  • Enhancing problem solving skills – individually and as a team for more innovative results 
  • Improving decision making – to create effective strategies to help people get where they need to go 
  • Improving team performance – by having a shared understanding of each other, with agreed ways of working and increased skills to deal with issues and conflict 
  • Giving confidence to Leaders – because teams know their purpose, are able to manage dialogue within the team, have greater leadership skills and are more accountable for what they deliver 

Kathryn completely transformed the support around People Managers. Introducing a coaching scheme and innovative ways to approach problem-solving.

— Federica Moscato

Kathryn always challenges your thinking but creates an environment that allows you to become a better version of yourself with lots of support.

— Wendy Nicholls

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