Leadership Coaching

1-1 coaching to help build leadership capability, navigate the challenges and changes of work, develop self-awareness to unlock potential and create effective strategies to move forward.

Overall Kathryn has been instrumental in helping our business overcome recent strategic challenges. Her passion for doing things differently and applying new concepts has allowed us to implement ideas fit for the future.”
Ryan O’Hara, Managing Director, C4S

Is this you…

It’s time to develop your leadership skills, developing more self-awareness, systems and strategic thinking to improve your decision making and create effective strategies to get where you need to go


The thing is, you might be an expert at what you do, but you haven’t cracked the leadership, team and people code in your organisation yet.

You’ve read a number of leadership books, you’ve attended leadership development training, applied everything they told you to do, like ‘Growth Mindset’ and ‘Seek to understand before being understood’ but:

57% of Leaders lack the skills to thrive in the 21st Century World of Work

And that sucks. It’s sad to see so many individuals like YOU who are expert in their field, who could develop lots of people not investing in themselves to thrive in the changing world of work.

Leading a business is hard, we’re not going to lie to you. But you can make it easier and more productive with the right mindset, tools and strategies in place.

What if you could

Build your Leadership
Increase your
Develop strategies to move forward
Improve your problem solving skills
Make better
Increase your confidence and resilience

Hey, I’m Kathryn

 I have a Master’s Degree in Coaching and Mentoring and Human Resource Management and worked in C-Level roles in HR for the past 15 years, in corporate, for medium and also big businesses such as Premier Foods & Smiths News. The last 8 years I’ve worked in the innovation and technology sector, with scaling and growing businesses. 

I got into coaching 10 years ago, first with coaching people managers and leaders as part of my HR roles, and then as a Director for DBKT Coaching. 

I’ve coached CEO and Executive Leaders from innovation and technology organisations, to professional services companies, helping them navigate the challenges of leadership and build leadership capabilities. 

I always wanted to work with more business leaders, so in March 2021 I started to focus more on Coaching to see where it would take me. By July 2021 I had built a thriving coaching business, working with many leaders to navigate the challenges of COVID and changing world of work, to equip people with the tools to problem solve, collaborate and lead in the 21st Century World of Work

Introducing you to…



It will take you from trying to figure out as you go, feeling like you’re putting hours of effort for little results to showing up confidently knowing the actions you take will help you grow your business and get the best from yourself and your people!

Paving the way for the future of work​

So what is Leadership Coaching all about?

Leadership Coaching follows a 4 step framework to build rapport and trust, creating a safe space to explore your challenges and areas of development – divided into 6 sessions.

No BS, No woo woo. Future Focussed and Goal Orientated.




Let’s get to know each other. Time to meet each other. Get clarity on what you are looking for from a coach and a coaching programme.



Taking time to understand your journey so far and what is important to you in your work and life.



Client led sessions, working through the goals and challenges that you are facing. These can be face to face or over zoom.




Reflective practice is a key part of my work with clients. To ensure maximum learning from the coaching programme, taking time between sessions to reflect on your experiences and behaviours to learn from them and create self awareness.

How does it work?

 First, send me an email to let me know you are interested 

Then we chat on a Zoom call so I can understand your goals and we can get to know each other better and I can go through any questions you may have 

We get started! If you’re happy with the details its time to start our coaching sessions. You will receive an email with a service level agreement and suggested dates/times for the 6 sessions, which can take place face to face or Zoom (or a mix of the two!)

We meet at least once a month (sooner if you would like) for 6 sessions to work through your goals. 

Your leadership skills start to develop and you don’t have to worry about anything anymore because you have all the tools in your hands to navigate the leadership world!