Team Coaching

Empowering teams to navigate change, build relationships and develop skills - unlocking the power of collaboration

Thanks to Kathryn we were able to work through some of the problems we were facing as a team, whilst developing specific leaderships skills”
George Walker, Insight Coordinator (Oxford Student Union)

Is this you…

It’s time to support teams to better communicate and navigate change, unlocking the power of collaboration and team performance!


 Your people are experts at what they do, but they haven’t mastered how to work together as a team – things can feel a bit dysfunctional at times. 

You’ve done a few team building activities, you’ve met up socially a few times and done far too many team quizzes but: 

It’s time to give your people the skills and ways of working to build safety and trust within the team to enable them to navigate change, build relationships and develop skills that empower them to be more collaborative and autonomous

86% of businesses with over 100 employees rely on their teams to deliver, but only 1 in 5 teams unlock their full potential. 

And that’s scary. It’s sad to see so many great individuals in teams like YOURS who are experts in their field, who could accelerate the performance of the organisation, if they could only unlock their full potential. 

Collaborating as part of a team is hard, we’re not going to lie to you. But you can make it easier and more productive with the right skills, tools and strategies in place.

What if you could

Build your ‘Teaming’ capabilities
Increase Safety and Trust within the team
Create a more empowered and self-responsible team
Improve the team’s problem solving and leadership skills
Accelerate team performance and delivery
Build stronger connections, and real relationships

Hey, I’m Kathryn

I’m a Global Award Winning Team Coach and Team Psychological Safety Facilitator, with over 15 years’ experience of working with teams in my HR career. 

I researched team coaching using action learning for my Masters in Coaching and Mentoring in 2021. My research developed a model that was tested, iterated, and validated in several organisations. Not only did we develop a team coaching model, the results were truly transformative!

Despite decades of research showing teams perform at their best when they feel safe and trust each other, leaders still struggle to create this environment. Our team coaching model creates this space for teams, and it continues long after our work with you.  This space helps teams navigate change and build meaningful connections with one another.

We get it, investing in your team’s development is a significant cost for you so you need MAXIMUM transfer of learning back into the actual day job. Our model has demonstrated time and again the skills and relationships developed are transferred back in to ‘real life’ – A WIN! 

What does it cost?



The DBKT Team Coaching Programme is for teams of a minimum of 4 people and maximum of 8 people. 

Paving the way for the future of work​

So what is Team Coaching all about? 

Our Team Coaching programme is divided into 7 weekly sessions.  


(45 minutes)

Outline of the programme, skills input on Action Learning, discussion and agreement on the action learning challenge the team will work on throughout the programme.


(3 Hours)

We get to know each other and get clarity on what you want to achieve during the programme, create a shared understanding, and a practice of Action Learning document. 


SESSION 1 – Team Purpose & Action Learning (3 Hours)

Taking time to understand the purpose of the team and any problems they have.


SESSION 2 – Roles and Responsibilities & Action Learning (3 Hours)

Looking at what each team member contributes to the team and how the team use their skills in the team.


SESSION 3 – Ways of Working & Action Learning (3 Hours)

Agreeing how the team works together developing a ‘teaming agreement’ on how the team wants to work together.


SESSION 4 – Team Retro (3 Hours)

Taking time to reflect as a team on learnings and challenges. 


SESSION 5 – 1-1 Coaching
(45 minutes each)

1-1’s to reflect on the program and ways of working going forward.