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“Kathryn helped me create structure around the tangled web that was inside my head, and identify my sources of concern in order to explore them in an open and logical manner.”

Joel Freedman (Regional Innovation & Design Lead)

Joel Freedman, Innovation & Design Lead

Kathryn coached me through an important period of change in my life and career where my uncertainty and stress levels were high. Kathryn helped me create structure around the tangled web that was inside my head, and identiy my sources of concern in order to explore them in an open and logical manner. She helped me develop targets and strategies to make my transition more manageable, whilst helping me recognise the opportunities that lay within my own potential to build my self confidence. Kathryn’s coaching style has a unique and wonderful mix of kindness and directness. She is not afraid to challenge you, but it is done so in an empathetic manner. She has been a massively positive influence on my life, and I would recommend that any person or organisation looking for professional career development coaching jump at the opportunity to utilise her skills

Lorna Moles, HR Manager

I jumped at the chance to receive some coaching from Kathryn – I knew her to be a friendly, practical and positive person, and this definitely came through in our sessions. I had started to feel quite overwhelmed and I like I was losing confidence in myself. Kathryn helped me to work through some specific scenarios at work, and what I really appreciated was Kathryn’s ability to allow me to ramble (for a long time in some sessions!) – and then succinctly play back to me what she’d heard. She challenged me and pushed me, and I came out of our sessions with clarity and positivity. Thank you Kathryn!

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“Extremely productive day working on some very exciting leadership and growth strategies”

Ryan O’Hara

Co-Founder & Managing Director C4S Search

Managing Director C4S Search

“My Journey with Kathryn started about 6 months when I approached her to personally support with some Executive Coaching. Kathryn quickly understood our strategic business challenges but what was more impressive was her ability to help us resolve these issues in line with our future vision. Kathryn really understood our culture and values and pushed us to think differently. Over the course of 6 very thorough, productive and engaging sessions we were able to identify areas for improvement but also act on them to see positive results. Throughout the process Kathryn helped us implement new ideas, frameworks and techniques that we will continue to use for years to come. Following my executive coaching sessions, the next step was to involve the leadership team. Kathryn ran an action learning session with our leadership team to address an urgent business critical challenge. Kathryn’s passion, energy and expertise were infectious. The team were immediately engaged and I’m pleased to say that after a full day’s session, the objectives were met, actions were set and there was a proud sense of team work and collaboration from everyone having overcome the barrier.

Overall Kathryn has been instrumental in helping our business overcome recent strategic challenges. Her passion for doing things differently and applying new concepts has allowed us to implement ideas fit for the future. I would highly recommend Kathryn for any Executive or Team Coaching Services.”  

Head of IT Recruitment

“Kathryn’s session really helped us as a team to be more efficient and save time. With the direct and open questions to the group it enabled us to highlight the issue we were having a discuss the root problem we were trying to solve. We then were able to highlight why we were having the problem and ensuring we discussed problem solving techniques before moving on to the solutions. With the direction from Kathryn and the purpose of the session we managed to save a huge amount of time highlighting and resolving the problem.

The session then moved on to solving the problem and coming up with solutions. Kathryn was excellent in guiding us through the session and ensuring we used our time efficiently by asking open questions and correcting anyone who did not use direct questions and were talking for too long. Within the solutions part of the session we were able to highlight areas we needed to improve on both personally and as a business, this usually would have taken us a long time but we were able to come up with ideas quickly and more efficiently. 

We found Kathryn’s session to be extremely helpful and most importantly saved us a huge amount of time through the open questions to the group, throughout the session we were able to logically highlight the issue, discuss it and then provide solutions on how to counteract the issue, all within a small period of time that would have usually taken a lot longer. As a team we will now be implementing Action Learning to help us as a team for any topics and help the business become more efficient.”

Really insightful and inspiring day with lots of ideas generated to ensure we continue to build for the future.

Amy Bright

L&D and Talent Manager (C4S)

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